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Ffgh okay gonna start posting new things now. 

So I’ve been marathoning Face Off lately. I love prosthetics and practical art in general, so I watch it mostly for that, but it’s also great for creative prompts when you’re blocked for ideas. These three were based off the prompts from Season 2, Episode 5, Dangerous Beauty. Basically take an animal, take a plant, and turn them into a badass make up.

I took three combinations that ended up being the weakest makeups of the episode and tried my own spin on them. The artists were given 30 min in the episode to do sketching for their ideas, so that was the time limit I gave myself here. Might do more stylized takes on these later. I’m thinking my attempt at making practical, wearable costumes has made these kind of boring looking, especially on the leopard/orchid. Need to push that one more. The emerald tree boa/lily was the hardest, but I think the snake integration works a lot better as a headpiece and I like where it’s going.

Edit: Also I just realized I mixed up my notes and that Jerry/Matt had chosen the leopard and yellow iris, not orchid. That’s… a lot of yellow. Geez.

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