i draw things.

sometimes i even post them.

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Anonymous asked
What is your absolute favorite way to spend your time? What's something that relaxes you? With your art, what's something you want to improve?

Oh… well this is a random series of questions. Uh.
Well, probably favourite way to spend time is just… doing my own hobbies, you know, making stuff, drawing. I think I’m generally my happiest then. There aren’t many things that relax me these days. I guess I take walks to clear my head, so that’s something. Soccer used to be a stress relief but I think I need to find a new activity that I can do solo, there are too many issues with my current teams. 

With my art I /really/ want to improve my rendering skills. I feel like my stuff lacks a certain weight. I struggle with giving my illustrations a sense of depth and atmosphere, and I’d like to get better at that… though it’s been quite a while since I sat down to an actual illustrative piece, oh well. Gesture is also important to me, I’ve been trying to get a sense of motion in my lines, though I’ve noticed as soon as I take up the tablet that sense leaves. I can get it down fine in a sketchbook or on a cintiq, at least.

I have lots of goals, anyway. I’m quite out of practice, all I’ve been doing lately are very simple busts or character sketches, so I gotta find time to practice and improve where I want to.

So… yeah, thanks for the curiousity? Hah

This week has been awfully stressful. Did a few quick sketches of various people’s dragons while I was supposed to be doing other things. Horribly messy but the point was to get it done fast.

In other news I am so annoyed about the smoke snipers right now. It’s super disheartening to see the gene for the .5 seconds it takes to click and then woosh gone. WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE AND WHAT ARE YOU DOING

5 hours after birthday dinner and I’m still super stuffed on food, plus it’s too hot to sleep comfortably gahh.
Time to tumble I guess.


another set of stickers for AX in july. hopefully more people than just me will be interested in having these ones b/c i want to stick them everywhere

Oh no these are great