i draw things.

sometimes i even post them.

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prospitdaydreamer asked
Would you mind if I drew your giraffe-taur and even posted it on tumblr? I'd give you credit of course~ I wanted to make a zebra-taur of my own and I wanted to draw her next to him. Because he's adorable ^w^

Oh hell yeah, haha. I’d love to see that, go right ahead.

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Wow, for real?

Crazy amazing deal for the toonboom program alone, holy crap. Only 3 hours left people, get it while you can

noctinova asked
um hi! do you draw every day? if so could you give some tips/advice on how to get yourself to practice every day? i struggle with that a lot, either from not having motivation or not knowing what to draw when i do. your art is really great!

Hi! Thanks for the message. I recently got a job where I have to draw every work day, which has actually spurred me to draw for myself much more (thus the flood of centaurs and also wrist pains harhar). But yeah, in regards to trying to keep up with regular drawing, it’s all really up to how you personally work…

Learning how to do casual doodles is probably the best thing you can do if you struggle with motivation. If you’re always looking to put something out ‘finished’, there’s potential for paralyzing yourself because nothing seems good enough, or maybe you can’t figure out what you want to devote your time to. A big motivation for me is drawing my own (and loonriderx's) ideas and characters out, personally. Fandom is another good way to keep the creative flow going, too. I'd watch Face Off, see the prompts on there, and doodle out what kind of monster I'd be interested in seeing, or expand on a concept that a contestant started. Pets are a great subject for sketching too. But those are my interests. I like creatures, so that's an easy go for me. If you're more of a storyteller, maybe sketch out a little sequence, like a storyboard.. Or if you're more observational, that's great, sketch roughs of things in your room, your street, etc. If you're more into people, find a face you like, celebrity or random person on google, and try and do a related doodle whenever you can. There are those '30 day prompt' projects that might work for you too, though I've never been too good with them because once I feel 'obligated' to do something my brain turns around and nopes out of there.

TLDR; find your passion, and go nutty with the doodles. Doodle even if you don’t have a current passion, just draw from what’s around you, whatever aesthetic pleases you. Give yourself permission to draw stuff that you might personally not think is up to par- designate a sketchbook as your ‘ugly’ book if that helps. Don’t get overly attached to your sketches, consider them a base that you can expand on for when you’re feeling motivated. Every bit of art you do contributes to your overall skill. Think of it like a slow flow of EXP, lol.


Don’t forget - Draw a Centaur Day is coming up in less than two weeks!
And if you don’t draw, you could always sculpt, sew, knit, crochet, write a story or poem, compose a song, make a gingerbread centaur - whatever!

… Oh


Don’t forget - Draw a Centaur Day is coming up in less than two weeks!

And if you don’t draw, you could always sculpt, sew, knit, crochet, write a story or poem, compose a song, make a gingerbread centaur - whatever!

… Oh

misanthropicmartyr asked
your art just makes me soooooo very happy, like oh my gosh I can look at your art and concept characters all freaking day long. Also I am in love with your giraffe-taur. absolutely PRECIOUS!!

so I’ve been staring at messages like this wondering how to reply other than awkward run-on thank yous but I got nothing so… just… ffff. Thanks. Really. It’s really cool that people are actually into my stuff and take the time to write to me about it, haha.

I’ve been hoarding pretty much all of the nice messages I’ve managed to get after realizing tumblr will delete anything I reply to, so uhh yesss… thanks, anons and not.. anons. 

hahaha my 400th post was about andalite guano. hi new followers this is a blog of class.

and those giraffetaur doodles have broken 20 thou WHAT

also i’m dying at the suggestion of ‘lackeys’ as an alternative to ‘lackofans’. oh tyrianterror you’re a treat

Anonymous asked
when you read the animorphs series did it also occur to you that if an andalite stepped in a pile of poo, they'd get nutrients from that poo

yes, yes it did. 

unless they closed their hooves because apparently they can do that (see: andalite chronicles)

though while we’re all thinking about excrement, hey, what do andalites poop? would it be solid? i mean they’re absorbing nutrients somehow right. like… getting kinda gross here but how does their junk even work, like is it a cloaca situation or what. 

when i was a kid i wondered if maybe they just didn’t poop at all but then there came that one book whose plot revolved an andalite toilet so